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This is a collection of our help and information documentation.

General: the nature, purposes, and limitations of these websites.

Pronunciation, &c.: tips on pronunciation and other language issues.

Vaishnava FAQ: some issues common to Vaishnava traditions.

Dvaita FAQ: answers to (some) questions about Dvaita Vedânta.

Dvaita List: the Dvaita List, proper Netiquette, what not to do or expect, etc.

Other: miscellaneous items.

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Adding to these websites

See our General category for applicable background information.

If you have some corrections, we ask that they be sent to us directly, or posted on our web forum. If you have new material that you would like to see added, and the suggestion is not merely a correction of an error in existing material, then you may send it to us (for codings, &c.) or post your proposed addition to the Dvaita List (preferred for descriptive/English content) so that the same can be reviewed by other prospective readers of the website, and their comments obtained. This is an informal peer-review process that has been adhered to for quite some time now, and has the added benefit of enriching the List as well. If the material proposed to be added is not your own, then copyright concerns may have to be addressed.

Contacting Us

If, after looking at our documentation, you have some question or difficulty still, we can be reached by e-mail, our web forum (preferred for suggested corrections), or the form below.   We do ask, however, that you go through our documentation carefully first—we will take no notice of queries or other matters that are already covered here.

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