Sri Gurujagannatha Dasaru
Sri Gurujagannatha Dasaru
Brief sketch of Sri Guru Jagannatha Dasaru..

Sri Guru Jagananatha Dasaru (1837-1918)

Sri Guru Jagannathadasa was born in the village of Kesigi in Kurnool district in 1836 A.D.

He was blessed with the Ankita of Guru Jagannatha Vittala by Gopala dasa in the dream.

He wrote nearly 30 books on philosophy like 'brahma sUtra BhAshya ADhyAtmikartha', 'Para Para tattva dIpika etc', along with 40 stotras in sanskrit and a number of songs in kannaDa. He also wrote commentaries on Harikathamruthasara in kannaDa and Sanskrit.

He laid down his mortal body in Kavutala of Adoni taluk in the year 1918 A.D."

Few Compositions of Sri Guru Jagannatha Dasaru


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