Sri Mohana Dasaru
Brief sketch of Sri Mohana Dasaru..

Sri Mohana Dasaru (1728-1751)

Mohan Dasa was a famous devotee of God and was blessed even when he was young. Mohan Dasa's father Bhimappa Nayak was in Anegondi and was a jeweller. He had earned a good deal of money. But he died without distributing his property to hs wife and children.

Bhimappa Nayak's wife with her son, young Mohan, became almost destitute Both found it hard to lead even a simple life of sufficient food and clothing. The wife was ill-treated and she suffered the pain of social and financial insults. Not able to undergo deprivation the wife decided to commit suicide along with her son. The place chosen was the present Nava Vrindavan off Hampi. It is an island in the river Tungabhandra.

It so happened that Vijaya Dasa had gone to the island. Seeing the women trying to jump into the river the Dasa stopped her from her suicidal effort. He blessed the boy with long life. Later he took the child and raised him as though he was his own son. The son later became known as Mohan Dasa.

Mohan Dasa was destined to write a number of songs in praise of Hari. But, unfortunately he met with prematue death. When he suddenly died Vijaya Dasa it is said went personally to the God of death and got back Mohana Dasa. Later Mohan Dasa became a seer, philosopher and a great devotee of lord Hari. Vijaya Dasa used to say " In devotion none to beat Bhaganna (gopala dasa), In proper sayings Mohanna; In strength of writing Timmanna".

Mohana Dasa wrote his songs to preach to the common people. With his sayings and teaching methods he won the heart of the people. His ankita is "Mohana Vittala".

Few Compositions of Sri Mohana Dasaru


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