It is the phrase or set of words used by a Haridasa, usually at the end, to sign-off a composition. It is basically a literary signature or signet/mudrika or pen-name that identifies the composed. Each Haridasa had his or her own ankitha. The table depicted herewith will list the ankitha of popular Haridasas.

Ankitha was conferred by the Guru after being duly satisfied of the merits of the student aspiring to be a member of the Haridasa Pantha. The ankita as Vittala in the case of Purandara, Vijaya and Jagannatha Vittala was intuitively perceived by the Guru after apprehension of the Swaryoa Guna and after realisation of the immanence of Bimba Rupi Paramathma in the soul of the sisya.

However, some Dasas obtained their Ankitas directly through divine intervention, usually in the form of a dream (this method is called swapna labda). Some of the saint Haridasas kept their Ankita's of their devotees for example Sri Vadiraja - Hayavadana & Sri Vyasaraja - Siri Krishna. One exception to this rule was Jagannatha Das who got his ankita on a stone in the Bhima river in Pandharpur.

Most of the dasas worshiped Vitthal of Pandharpur and adopted the God-given 'Ankita' "vitthala". For example "Purandara Dasa", "Vijaya Dasa" "Gopala Vittala" etc.

Ankita's of Popular Haridasas's
Name of the Haridasas Ankitha's
Sri Sri Pada Raja Tiirtha Ranga Vitthala
Shri Vyaasaraja Tiirtha Siri Krishna
Shri Vadiraja Tiirtha Hayavadana
Shri Raghavendra Tiirtha Dheera Venu Gopala
Sri Purandara Dasaru Purandara Vittala
Sri Kanaka Dasaru Adi Kehsava
Sri Vijaya Dasaru Vijaya Vittala
Sri Gopala Dasaru Gopala Vittala
Helevanakatte Giriyamma Helevanakatte Ranga
Sri Jagannatha Dasaru Jagannatha Vittala
Sri Mahipathi Dasaru Mahipathi
Sri Prasanna Venkata Dasaru Prasanna Venkata
Sri Venugopala Dasaru Venugopala Vittala
Sri Mohana Dasaru Mohana Vittala

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