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Haridasa's on Sri Madva Charya

Here is an very brief account of Haridasa's on Sri Madvacharya. Sri Madva is considered to be one of the greatest saints who profounded dvaita philosophy. He has also shown the world that through devotion one can get love from Sri Hari and also achieve Liberation. Sri Madva manifested some 800 years back when there was confusion about the God, God's existence and the present world in the dharmic circle. The concepts which were existing during that time about (i) God was: there is no God, God has only eight characte rs, God doesnot have any characters, God doesnot have any form, Jiva (soul) and God are same etc, for the (ii) world there were claimings that this world is null and void, what ever happening in the world is all illusion, world contains only miseries and happiness and to achieve (iii) moksha or liberation there were claimings that only meditation will lead to liberation and one should forget about this world in order to get into adobe.

The above tenets were in practice and popular among the society, though some of the intellectuals were aware that these philosophies are unnatural and not correct they were not having any voice to wage war against the people.

From such dark state a sparkle light came from Sri Madva which was very much shining and very strong and powerful. He completely crticisied the people who were sayi ng that this world is illusory and said that what we are respirating through the nose the air if it is true then the world is also true he quoted. If the air is true then this world is also true and doesnot have any illusion. He floated dvaita philosophy by telling that there are two aspects in this world, one is swathanthra and another is aswathanthra. Sri Hari (God, Paramathma) is swathanthra and rest are aswathanthra meaning everything is dependent.

Sri Madva has raised the concept of devotion and destroyed the concept of false belief. He explained the complete genesis of Paramathma in two aspects one is complete belief on him and other one is complete devotion towards him. He emphasised that devotion doesnot comprise of emotion and decoration (shrungara). He has shown the world the passion of 'dasoham'. 'Dwadasha Stotra' is one such work which came from his own mouth by forgetting himself out of devotion and complete love towards Sri Hari. This stotra is considered to be the beginning of Dasa Sahitya. From this same (route) road Sri Purandara Dasa went on composing inumerable no. of songs in praise of Sri Hari and tenets of dvaita by dancing, singing and the same road (route) became the king's road.

Haridasa's songs will be road lights for the skill ful man for the road of liberation. These songs unrevealed the hearts of Madva tenents.

Sripadaraja is considered to be the originator of Dasakoota and he opened the pandora box with his devotional songs and message of Bhagavatha through the common language which is understood by all (Kannada). In his song ' Jaya Jaya Jagatrana, Jagadolage sutrana saddama madva nama', (wining, winning, universal power, virtuous power inside the universe, all viruous characters and powers for Madva's name) and goes on explaining all incarnations of Sri Madva.

Sripadaraja explained Sri Madva as most resourceful and given the Gnanasudha (knowledge works) to the universe. His knowledgeble compositions has attracted the great dasas like Sri Jagannatha dasa who wrote palastuti.

'marudamshana matha pidiyade ihaparagalali gathiyilavanthe' (there is no liberation both in this world and moksha (para loka) without getting the madva's lineage (blessings) has been told by Sri Padaraja disciple Sri Vyasathirtha. Sri Vyasathirtha contributed much to dasa pantha (group) by his sanskrit compositions. The great saint and seer has been praised in these words 'Isu munigaliddarenu vyasamuni uddarisida madva mathava' (there may be many seers and saints but Vyasa saint promoted Madva sect). 'dhirana nodirai karunaapurana padirai' (see the powerful man and worship the one who is compassionate) has been to told to Sri Madva. Sri Vyasa Thirtha has also given 732 instances (prana prathika) like 'varijavadana samiraja kapi nrupa dvijana bhavi ajana' to the world explaining the three manifestations of the Sri Madva. He is the one who blessed Sri Purandara and Sri Kanaka Dasas and made dvaita philosophy to spread all over through the common language ie kannada.

One who became the golden bridge for Sanskrit and kannada literature for all madva philosophy and in praise of Sri Madvacharya is Bhavi Sameera Sri Vadiraja. For Hanuma he has written 'pranava nodirai, mukya prana padirai yenerahita pavana charita sadguna charita' (see the life (prana) worship mukhya prana among akshohini (akshohini army), he is accessible he is sacred, and full of good characters), for Bhima he has praised

'bhima nissima mahima, aganithagunastoma kamapithana bhanta nenevara nenta' (Bhima is expert is showing his powerful plays, he has inumerable no. of characters with him, he is always with Kama's father (Paramathma) and those who remembers him he will be with them), finally for madva he has told 'gurumadva munipa.. bapure paramapavanaroopa bhalire pratapa' (Preceptor Madva saint.. father his form is very sacred and his powers are very nice (bravo). He also composed one more song in praise of Madva yithane kANiro madhvamuni yithane kaNirO. (he is Madva saint what you are seeing and what you are looking..)

Famous and foremost among the Dasas is Sri Purandara dasa who is considered to be incarnation of Sri Narada and utmost knowledgable praised Sri Madva like this " 'kamadhenu chintamani kalpavrukshanada swamy, premadindali nenevara bhagyakkeneyunte, samanyanallovo yita mokshadi sampadadata, aa maha aparokshgyna dadrya bhakutiyaniva, hanuma bhima madvamuniya nenedu bhadukiro' (Madva is kamadhenu, thinking perl, kalpavruksha (kamadhenu and kalpavruksha are the two things which are there in adobe which gives whatever we seek or ask), there is no dearth for wealth and prosperity one who remberes him, he has acquired moksha (adobe) and he is not a common (natural) man, he will give divine knowledge, power and devotion, one has to live by remembering Hanuma, Bhima and Madva).

One more song which is in praise of Madva from Purandara goes like this. madhva mUniye namma guru madhva mUniye. madhva mUniyU naMaNeLa uddarisuva kAnirO. (Saint Madhva is our teacher the same Madhva saint will bless all of us for liberation.)

The words from the devoted kanaka says like this 'andantamasu inyarige govindana nindisuvarige, moolaguru mukhyaprana kunti balanennadavarige' (those who blame Govinda there will be darkness (gloom,ignorance), orginator of preceptors (guru) Mukhya prana......................)

Sri Vijaya Dasa has told about Sri Madva in these words 'nanu niruthadali ynenisagide manasadi karma ninagoppisideno prananatha siri vijiaya vittala kanisi koduvudo bhanuprakasha' (what I have done daily is regulary made sins and given to you who is the leader of the life (prana) Sri Vijaya Vittala can be seen through the bright light). He is the one who has composed the famous song 'pavamana pavamana jagadaprana'.

Sri Vijaya Dasa has also composed the following song in praise of Sri Madhva: madhwarAyara karuNa padEdava dharEyOlage IDarEnu IlladarEnu.. (one who doesnot have blessings of Sri Madhva whether he exist or not exist doesnot matter..)

Sri Gopala Dasa has praised him like this 'ramadoothana pada tamarasava kanda aa manujane dhanyano' (those people who are fortunate to see the lotus feet of Sri Rama's messenger (Hanumantha)).

He also composed one more song in praise of Sri Madva as follows : AdarisO AdarisO Agama pratipAdya mOdatiirtha pUrnabhodhAcharya... (respect the Purnabhodacharya (one who has the complete knowledge) who is foremost...)

One who has composed the great 'Harikathamruthasara' Sri Jagannatha Dasa has told about Sri Madva as 'pranadeva ninallade kavara kane lokadolage' (One who is the leader of life (prana deva) I am not seeing anybody except you in this world). In Harikathamruthasara itself Sri Jagannatha Dasa has told the dvaita philosophy in one shloka pa.nchabhedhatmaka prpa.chakake pa.ncharOpatmakane dvaitata...)

These are some of the brief snippets of few Haridasas about Sri Madva Charya and there are many hundreds are available from different dasas.

Sri Madhva Charya also preached that Sri Hari is sarvottama (utmost superior), he has all the good qualities like ananta kalyana guna pari purna (one who has got 'n' no. of good/sacred qualities), one who doesnot have any bad characters, (dosha dura), aprakrita, (no form of his own), one who has omini knowledge, (sarvagna) one who is omini present with different names like rama, krishna, vyasa, vittala, matsya kurma and other forms, and one who is very near & dear. Sri Madhva also told that there is no difference between him and his qualities. All Haridasas has understood this philolosphy in order to convey the same meaning in different songs by their poetic compositions.

Sri Purandara Dasa has described these things in his song: vidhatru devatagalle vishnuvina hinde yidake nA phaNiphaNa kaiyaga hidive.. (all devataas are behind Sri Vishnu, that's why I am holding his hand.)

In another song of his he says that hariye sarvOttama hariye paradevatee hari sarvavishmayam jagatu hariyalladanyatra daivagalillvendu urgana hedeyannu pididu peluvenayya..(hari is Sarvottama (one who has got the omini good qualities), hari is paradevataa (all devataas are dependent on him) hari is omini present and there is no place where Hari is not there which he tells by taking oath on the head of snake (uragana hede).

Sri Hari Sarvottama is explained by Sri Jagannatha Dasa in his song: praNava pratipadya prahlada varada, praNata kAmadane prathisuve prabhuve.ndu sarvasvatan.tra nInada kArana brahma, sharvAdi sUraru prathisutipparu durvibAvyane surrarigammata pAnagysi garvisida dAnavara gaNave sa.mharipe. The gist of the song is Brahma Rudra etal are all members of Sri Hari's group and Sri Rama Devi is dependent on Sri Hari.

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