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Since Dasa literature is voluminous and Dasas are many, we have selected a few important and popular Dasas and covered their brief sketch and their representative compositions. Their compositions touched many aspects of life and are outstandingly effective in appeal. The Dasas have touched on many topics such as Madhva Philosophy, the utter fruitlessness of wordly existence, hypocrisy, bogus religio-rituals and social awareness. The presentation of the Dasa literature is a representative of the dasa songs and has covered its significant areas. We are making attempt to appraise the following Haridasa's:

Sri Padaraja Tiirtha
Sri Vyasaraja Tiiirtha
Sri Vadiraja Tiirtha
Sri Raghavendra Tiirtha
(pontiffs belonging to Vyasakoota)

Sri Purandara Dasaru
Sri Kanaka Dasaru
Sri Vijaya Dasaru
Sri Gopala Dasaru
Helevanakatte Giriyamma
Sri Jagannatha Dasaru
Sri Prasanna Venkata Dasaru
Sri Mahipathi Dasaru
Sri Venugopala Dasaru
Sri Mohana Dasaru
Harapanahalli Bhimavva
Sri Guru Jagannatha Dasaru
Sri Pranesha Dasaru
Sri Asyala Govinda Dasaru

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