In this Purandara Dasa describes the pervasive and seamless presence of Lord Srinivasa or Govinda from atoms , dust particles , blades of grass to dry branches and every thing in this universe. The greatest joy that a Jeevana can experience is the understanding of this principle of yours and to stay in the blemishless and pure state (NishkaLanga, Nirmala ) exhibited by You .

O Lord , the one responsible for the creation, protection and destruction of the universe and its beings ! What a joy it is to understand this truth about yourself being the root cause for the functioning of Your universe and to sing about your limitless auspicious GuNaas . The Dasa immersed in the nectar of joy through the Nama Sankeerthanam of your Sahasra Naamaas forget every thing and do not let their mind wander into worthless pursuits.