Sri Vadiraja Tiirtha

Avataratraya Madhva suvali

There is restriction to read 'Sri Sumadhva Vijaya' by ladies. For that reason or to make understand the Madhva's liila Sri Vadiraja Tiirtha has written Avataratraya Madhva Suvali meaning three incarnations of Madhva. It is also said that Sri Vadiraja Tiirtha has composed Dashavatara Stuti in Tulu (Dakshina Kannada's language) to reach and promote Sri Hari's message to those people and like the same he must have composed this song to make understand the meaning of Madhva's incarnations.

On hearing the complaint/lamentation from Devataas Sri Vishnu incarnated as Sri Rama, Bharatisha incarnated as Hanuma. Here Sri Vadiraja explains the complete Sundara Kanda 144 lines. First 72 lines are devoted to Hanuma's mission to Lanka. Hanuma's discussion with Sita, Hanuma and Ravana's heated exchanges. Discussion and narration between Sita and Hanuma when the latter handed over the Rama's mudra, Ravana's heated exchanges with Hanuma about his tail which he has burnt the parts of Lanka later.

Next part explains the Sri Rama who has incarnated as Krishna, Hanuma who incarnated as Bhima and his powers. Different plays of Bhima like huge rock which has fallen were called shatashrunga, Duryodana and his followers who have thrown Bhima to poison pool, make him to eat poison, try to kill in wax house, killing Hidimba in Hidimbe, getting Ghotodgaja, killing of Bakasura, getting Drupadi along with his brothers, coming to Hastinavati along with Drupadi and doing Raja Suya Yaga (burnt offer) and many other incidences has been narrated. Again loosing everything by wrongful play with Duryadhanas like kingdom, treasury etc. including Drupadi and going to forest living. Spending 14 years in forest and one year in disguise meantime killing Kichaka and finally entering the war field when Duryodhana and his group rejected giving meager 5 villages to Pandavas. Killing Duryodhana in his Gadha (weapon) and taking his blood to Drupadi is well narrated here. Here Sri Vadiraja Tiirtha explains entire Mahabharatha in just 179 lines.

Third and final part covers Madhva's incarnation. When the Kaliyuga started and there were lot of blind beliefs about the existence of Sri Hari, Bhimasena incarnated as Madva on the direction of Sri Narayana. Sri Vadiraja Tiirtha narrates the incidences before the birth of Madva like standing on top of Garuda Gamba (pillar in front of the temple) and propogating that sarvagna will be born soon, then Vasudeva was born in Madya Geha Bhatta family, eating bengal gram by the newly born kid, settling the parental obligation by giving the tamarind seeds and installing Krishna idol in Udupi which are explained in Sumadhwa Vijaya are brought here in simple language. Other than the above incidences Acharya who performed Danda Tiirtha, in the pitch dark (night) crossing the ocean without getting rinsed in the water, stood like a rock when robbers attacked him are the some of the incidences which are explained in this section.

Finally the composition ended with note about Sri Madhwa going to Badari Kashrama and became Sri Vyaasa's disciple.

Sri Vadiraja Tiirtha has explained all the above incidences, narrations etc in 229 lines and the language, quality is not considered to be very good compared to his other compositions. Because this work has been identified with this ankita 'Hayavadana' it is been credited to his name, but explanations and meaning are well carried from Sumadhwa Vijaya.


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