The three avataara-s of Vaayu

yasya triiNyuditAni veda-vachane rUpANi divyAnyalam.h        |
baT.htad.hdarshatamitthamevanihitaM devasya bhargo mahat.h   |
vAyo rAmavachonayaM prathamakaM pR^iksho dvitiiyaM vapuH     |
madhvo yattu tR^itiiyametadamunA granthaH kR^itaH keshave   ||
Whose three divine forms have been described by Vedic statements (such as the BaLitthA Suukta of the Rg Veda); whose nature is that of great wisdom and ability, is the support of the activity of the worlds, is very worshipful (of Vishnu), and who incarnates with his full potency (with no diminution); that Vaayu, in his first avataara, carried the message of Raama, destroyed a fearsome army in his second, and in the third, as Madhva, composed this work (the Vishnu-tattva-vinirNaya) as a service to Keshava".

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Created June 18, 1996; last update June 28, 1996.