abhramaM bhaN^garahitaM ajaDaM vimalaM sadA   |
AnandatIrthaM atulaM bhaje tApatrayApaham.h  ||
The always undeluded, unobstructed, free of sloth, and free of filth;
that Ananda Tîirtha, the incomparable, I salute, who is the remover of all misery.

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Srimad Ananda Tîrtha -- a short sketch
The three avatâra-s of Mukhya PrâNa -- from the BaLitthA Sûkta (temporarily unavailable)
Some general information about Udupi, and other assorted topics
An item in The Hindu about Srimad Ananda Tîrtha
Works by Srimad Ananda Tîrtha -- a complete list

Dvaita Text Resources -- our website offering downloadable texts by Madhva and others in his lineage.
Sri Vâdirâja Tîrtha -- the successor.
The Dvâdasha Stotra, a set of twelve stotra-s by Sriman Madhvâchârya.
The prameya-s of Tattvavâda. Discussion of a shloka that lays out the nine tenets.
The Brahma Sûtra of Veda Vyâsa -- a brief introduction.

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