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Udupi -- what's in a name?

Parashurâma-kshetra -- the land of Parashurâma

Sri Krishna Mutt -- the Lord's temple

Worshipping Krishna -- day after day

Car Street -- where the eight MaTha-s are

Kanaka Dâsa -- Krishna's favored devotee

Madhva Sarovara -- Srimad Ananda Tîrtha's own tank

Calendar of Festivals, part one -- notable celebrations

Calendar of Festivals, part two -- continued

Calendar of Festivals, part three -- conclusion

Pâjakakshetra -- Sri Madhva's birthplace

The Paryâya Festival, part one -- preparation for paryâya

The Paryâya Festival, part two -- paryâya-pûrva sanchâra

The Paryâya Festival, part three -- conclusion

Some pictures from the 1980 festival -- an image archive

The picture shows the icon of Udupi Krishna dressed as Satyabhâmâ.


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The above sections are mostly due to Raymond Crawford, with a few contributions by others as noted individually.   General editing and corrections by Shrisha Rao.   Much of the factual material comes from Udupi: Past and Present, by Bannanje Govindacharya, Dr. U.P. Upadhyaya, Muralidhar Upadhyaya, published paryâya Sri Pejavar Mutt, 1984; republished paryâya Sri Puttige Mutt, Udupi, 1995 (second edition).   This book is available from bookstalls outside Sri Krishna temple, in Udupi, India.

Other Items

(The following are downloadable PDF files from

Srî Krishna-Jayantî-Nirnaya of Srîmad Ânanda Tîrtha:
| Devanâgarî | Roman |   A composition that prescribes the manner of observing Krishna's birthday.

Mahâbhârata-Tâtparya-Nirnaya of Srîmad Ânanda Tîrtha:
| Devanâgarî |   ISBN 0-615-11362-1; 3050 KB, 625 pages.   (Includes a Preface, a translation of the Bhâva-Sangraha of Srî Râghavendra Tîrtha, a list of authorities, and a concordance.)

Dvâdasha Stotra of Srîmad Ânanda Tîrtha:
| Devanâgarî | Roman |   The famous collection of twelve prayers.

Stotramanjari of Srî Vâdirâja Tîrtha:
| Devanâgarî |   ISBN 0-9703421-0-1; 880 KB, 178 pages.   A collection of stotra-s including Raupyapîtha Krishna-Stuti; Krishna-Stuti (1); Krishna-Stuti (2); Shrî-Krishna-Râma-avatâra-charitra-ratna-sangraha; AshhTamahishhiyukta-Krishna-stotram; Shrî-Krishna-stotram; Dashâvatâra-stuti -- and lots more.

Srî Krishna-Châritra-Manjarî of Srî Râghavendra Tîrtha:
| Devanâgarî | Roman |   An encapsulation of the entire avatâra of Krishna, in just 28 verses.

Srî Krishna-Ashtottarashata-Nâma-Stotra from the Brahmânda Purâna:
| Devanâgarî | Roman |   The 108 names of Lord Krishna.

Gôpîgîtam from the Bhâgavata Purâna:
| Devanâgarî | Roman |   The prayer of the Gôpîs from the tenth canto.

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