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  1. Matha Panchānga of
    • Uttarādhi Matha (UM)
    • Rāghavendra Svāmi Matha (RM)
    • Vyāsarāja Matha (VM)
    • Srīpādarāja Matha (SM)
    • Nitya Sudhā
    • Sri Krishna Shanti Pratishtana (UKM)
  2. Monthly posting of the calendar by Sri G R Raghunatha Rao to Cyber Mādhva Sangha mailing list
  3. History of the Dvaita School of Vedanta and its Literature : From the Earliest Beginnings to Your Own Times

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass, New Delhi.
Author: B.N.K. Sharma. (Year of Publication 1999)

  1. Vaishnava Vrata Koustuba -- published by Sri Sītāpati Agrahara, Chamarajapet, Bangalore
  2. Members of the Voluntary group of Cyber Mādhva Sangha
  3. Respected elders and friends

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