In none of these cases should the presence of a link be understood as an endorsement of the site referred to.


Sanskrit Studies blog.
Mahabharata Resources page.   Texts, translations, etc.
Indology home page. "Internet Resources for Indological Scholarship."
Jambûdvîpa: "Indology and Sanskrit Studies."
Sanskrit Documents List with other useful references.
Electronic Journal of Vedic Studies.  A peer-reviewed publication for Vedic scholars, but quality is often indifferent.
ITRANS Home Page. Avinash Chopde's well-known package for producing PostScript/HTML/UTF, etc., output in Devanâgarî and other Indic languages using TeX.
TITUS -- a project to encode and archive traditional texts on the web.   Very competent philologists.   Very good work.
IITS -- Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon -- an online Sanskrit dictionary, transliterated under the Harvard-Kyoto convention.


Motilal Banarsidass -- the well-known publishers.
Chowkhamba Sanskrit Series -- relatively few Mâdhva works, but extensive collection of other traditions (esp. Advaita) and classical Sanskrit.
South Asia Books -- a major, widely-used importer based in Missouri, the U.S.A.


Tatvavâda -- a Mâdhva website in Kannada.
Dvaita Text Resource -- our site containing many new offerings in PDF format.
Haridâsa Home Page -- a web page dedicated to the Haridâsa devotional tradition.
"Guru Raghavendra Swamy's Virtual Home on The Internet" -- A site created by devotees.
Sri Raghavendra Swamy Matha -- Official website of the institution based in Mantralayam, A.P. -- downloadable audio discourses by scholars.
Vyasa Madhwa Samshodhana Pratishthana -- institution founded by V. Prabhanjanacharya, Bangalore.
Sri Vyâsa Bhajana Mandali, California.   Some original content, including viewable stotra-s in Kannada script.
Parimalam -- `An Internet Magazine Dedicated To Dvaita Philosophy' (Chennai/Madras).
Vishwa Madhwa Sangha (USA).
"Sri Jitamitraru" -- ``The Mâdhva Community Portal.''
Vidyesha Bhandâra -- the official site of the Bhandarakeri Matha.   In Kannada, and can only be viewed on Windows.


Advaita Vedânta Home Page.   Website hosted by the Advaita Vedânta Anusandhâna Kendra.
Sri Vaishnava Home Page
Shaivism Home Page
Sri Venkateshwara Temple in Tirupati.   The famous Deity of the seven hills.


The Atheism Web: Logic & Fallacies. A good exposé of some of the pitfalls of reasoning about the extra-sensory.
sci.skeptic FAQ -- a good starting point to educate oneself about hoaxes claiming to be paranormal.
Hare Krishna Index -- a starting point for Hare-Krishna links.
Divine Life Society.
American Institute of Vedic Studies -- musings by David Frawley and others.   Writings are not accurate as per tradition or modern analyses, but have some contemporary following.


Udupi Krishna Temple -- also good for travel information (be sure to visit our Udupi page as well!) -- some commercial and other information about Udupi and surrounding areas, including the pilgrimage destinations and temples.
Kadiyali Mahishamardini Temple -- contains information about the Mahishamardini/Durga Temple in Kadiyali, Udupi.
JnanaDoota -- Webcasts from traditional scholars.
Festivals -- some interesting information about Krishna worship in North India, etc.
Dâsa Sâhitya -- transcripts of many devotional songs.

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