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Sri Raghavendra Swami
    Moola Brindavan

The original Raghavendra Swami Brindavan is located in Mantralaya, which is in Western Andhra Pradesh, in the district of Kurnool. Routes from Hyderabad, Bangalore, Raichur, and Bellary, are shown on the map. It is possible to get there by rental van, bus, or train. The colloquial name for the place, Maanchale, has been sanskritized into Mantralaya. Under the grace of Sri Raghavendra, Mantralaya has become a pilgrimage center, where devotees flock to view a glimpse of the Brindavan of this great saint.

The following information was believed correct at the time of writing, but is not guaranteed to be accurate.   Verify, and use at your own risk.   We regret that we do not have more information, and cannot provide any assistance in planning your trip.

Many South Indian cities are connected to Mantralaya by bus--Bangalore, Tirupati, Mangalore, Madras, Hyderabad, Bellary and Mysore. The most convenient bus from Bangalore leaves at 9:15 pm & reaches Mantralaya at 6 am, the next day. The conducted tours from Hyderabad are typically 7 hours long (one way), leaving every Saturday at 9.30 am and returning on Sunday at 9.00pm. They usually cover the Brindavan as well as the Raghavendra Swamy Temple.

The nearest Railway station is MANTRALAYAM ROAD, which is about 12KM from Mantralaya. Most of the trains stop here except for the super fast trains. From Bombay convenient trains are Dadar Madras Mail, which leaves Dadar at about 2PM & reaching Mantralaya Road at about 4AM next day, and Bombay Mail. After reaching Mantralayam Road, a bus or rental van can be taken to Mantralaya (about a 1 hr ride).

Address of the Mantralaya Temple
Sri Raghavendra Swamy Matha
Mantralayam 518 345
Kurnool Dist
Andhra Pradesh, India.
The Administrative Officer to contact is Mr. Rama Rao.
Telephone number: 59429 and 59459.       STD code: 8512

If calling from the US, dial 011-91-8512-59429 or 59459

Suggested Plan

  1. Try to reach Mantralaya before 7 a.m .There are quite a few choultry/accommodation available.
  2. Take tickets for "Sevas" as early as possible.
  3. People generally take a dip in Tungabadhra before doing the Seva
  4. Get ready by 8 a.m to do Sankalpa of Sevas.
  5. Get the Darshanam of Panchamrita, Kanaka Pooja and other Sevas.
  6. Then do Pradakshina and Namaskara .
  7. Around noon,adjacent to the Brindavan,watch the Mahapooja to Moola Rama,Mukhyaprana and Brindavana
  8. Tiirtha prasada [lunch] is served around 1 p.m.

Rates of Specific Endowment Sevas
Note :
 -The sevas below will be performed on the date/thithi intended by the party/devotee and after one year of the date of remittance. As these sevas will be performed on the interest received from the fixed deposit amount.
  -Cheques/D.Ds may be sent in favour of Manager, SRS Mutt. Matryalayam-518345 (AP) INDIA, drawn on SBI branch Mantralayam.
Seva Amount (Rs.)
Kanaka Kavacha Samarpana 20,210
Sarva Samarpana 12,700
Rajatha Rathotsavam 6,700
Poorna Seva 4,650
Kanaka Maha pooja 3,300
Maha Pooja 1,900
Sarva Seeva 1,150
Utsavarayara Pada Pooja 950
Pratyaksha Gajavahana Utsavaam 1,550
Ksheerabhishekam 460
Gruta Nanda Deepam ** 1,070
Taila Nanda Deepam ** 660

**: 1 month in a year

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