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Sri Padmanaabha Tiirtha

Sri Padmanaabha Tiirtha -- a short sketch

Padmanaabha Tiirtha is the seniormost of Madhva's disciples. He was a leading contributor to the literature of Tatvavaada in the pre-Jayatiirtha period, and also the first scholar to write commentaries on Srimad Ananda Tiirtha's works, though his works are rarely read in the present day, because the later commentaries of Sri Jayatiirtha are considered easier to understand. He is eulogized by Sri Jayatiirtha as the pioneer commentator of Tatvavaada.

From Sri Jayatiirtha's Nyaayadiipikaa.

He is thus given the honorific title ' Tikaakaara'.

Sri Padmanaabha Thirtha was known as Shobhana Bhatta, and was a great scholar of Advaita, before he became Srimad Ananda Tiirtha's disciple. Shobhana Bhatta, who was an accomplished logician (Tarkikashikhaamani), was defeated by Srimad Ananda Tiirtha after a debate that took place during the latter's return from his first tour of the North. This is supposed to have taken place around 1265. He was a native of a region close to the river Godavari.

Sri Padmanaabha Tiirtha was Srimad Ananda Tiirtha's seniormost disciple, and the first successor to the piitha. He was thus the. He headed the then-unified Maadvha Matha for about seven years before departing. His Brndaavana is in Navabrndavana, near Hampi, along with those of eight other eminent saints including Sri Vyaasa Tiirtha, in whose company he continues to perform his saadhana.

(This piece is the result of joint work, being partly due to Narahari S. Pujar, with some additions and editing by Shrisha Rao).

Works by Sri Padmanaabha Tiirtha

Commentaries on the ten Prakaranas including Nyaayaratnaavali (commentary on the Vishnu Tattva Vinirnaya)

Suutra Prasthaana

Works relating to the Bhagavad Gita

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References: "History of the Dvaita School of Vedanta and its Literature", Dr. B. N. K. Sharma, Motilal Banarsidass, Delhi, 1981.

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