A downloadable text of the Mahâbhârata-Tâtparya-Nirnaya is now available.

This can be had either in:

The files prints on U.S. "letter size" (215 mm × 279 mm, or 8½ inches × 11 inches) pages.

This can be downloaded off our companion site at http://www.dvaita.net or locally.   You are advised to try that site first -- the download is likely to be much faster.

Note: The dvaita.net site also contains several other offerings that may be of interest.

To view/print this file, you will need Acrobat Reader (version 5.0 or later), available for free download from Adobe's website.

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The file may not be properly loaded or displayed under versions 4.0 or earlier of Acrobat Reader. The embedded (bitmapped PostScript) fonts in the Devanâgarî text may not display well, but will print clearly. If you would like to read that version of the document on screen rather than on paper, try setting the resolution on Acrobat Reader to show at 400% size.

If you are having trouble downloading the files, try the following:

The source code (in ITRANS) of the text is not available to the general public, but if you are a serious scholar who needs a machine-readable format for academic purposes, send mail to infoATdvaita.net requesting the same.

A machine-readable file is also available from the Thesaurus Indogermanischer Text- und Sprachmaterialen (TITUS) web page to TITUS members only.

One special feature of this MBTN release is that the effort to create it has been blessed by an Âshîrvachana by the late H.H. Sri Palimar Swamiji, whose message in Kannada is also part of the file (see below to see the images online). A concordance of shloka-s and a list of authorities cited are given as appendices in the Devanâgarî version. There is also a translation into English of the Bhâva-Sangraha, summarizing the MBTN.

If the kernel version number and the date (found on the inside front cover page of the downloaded document) are significantly earlier on one you downloaded previously than given at the top of this page, it may be worth your while to upgrade your copy.

Bhâva-Sangraha of Sri Râghavendra Tîrtha.

Facsimile images of H.H. Sri Palimar Swamiji's Âshîrvachana; click on these for larger-size versions.


Created February 13, 2000; last updated June 03, 2007.