What's New on the Dvaita Home Page

A Critique of Klostermaier's `A Survey of Hinduism' (SUNY Press, 1989, 1994), a common school-text that makes preposterous allegations against Madhva.   Also available as a PDF file.

Roman script E-Book (ISBN 0-9703421-9-5, 509 pages, 1713 KB) of the Mahâbhârata-Tâtparya-Nirnaya.

Read our account of the Times of India's plagiarizing of our FAQ.

Sumadhva Vijaya -- E-Book (ISBN 0-9703421-3-6); the traditional biography of Âchârya Madhva.   Includes a Foreword by Prof. D. Prahladacharya, two short ancillary works, and a verse concordance.
There is now also a version in Roman script (ISBN 0-9703421-8-7).

The Dvâdasha Stotra is now available in Devanâgarî as well as in Roman script.   The Râghavendra Stotra is also available in Devanâgarî and in Roman.

Îshâvâsya Upanishad Bhâshya-Tîkâ-Prakâshikâ-Khandârtha -- E-Book (ISBN 0-9703421-2-8); the commentary, with two levels of subcommentary, and a separate gloss, each by a renowned scholar of the tradition. Includes Table of Contents, Foreword by Prof. D. Prahladacharya, Preface, a translation of the Upanishad, indices, footnotes.

Stotramanjari -- E-Book (ISBN 0-9703421-0-1); a collection of stotra-s composed by Sri Vâdirâja Tîrtha.   These are also available individually.

Gita Sâroddhâra.   (Also see our section on the Bhagavad Gîtâ.)

Mahâbhârata-Tâtparya-Nirnaya -- E-Book (ISBN 0-615-11362-1), including Preface, Introduction consisting of text and translation of the Bhâva-Sangraha of Sri Râghavendra Tîrtha, list of authorities cited, and a concordance of verses.

Haridasa Home Page.

Some old but interesting stuff

Udupi -- this section comprises of several chapters dealing with Udupi, its history, the Krishna temple, etc.

Dvâdasha Stotra -- this page gives a brief introduction to the well-known set of twelve stotra-s.

Sri Vâdirâja Tîrtha -- this section gives a fairly detailed introduction to Sri Vâdirâja Tîrtha.

Doctrine -- this section will present some short articles dealing with some specific aspects of Tattvavâda. Right now the choice is sparse, but more items are expected shortly.

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