A Look Into Some of The Most Famous Celebrities That Fought Libel

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A Look Into Some of The Most Famous Celebrities That Fought Libel
A Look Into Some of The Most Famous Celebrities That Fought Libel

When you are a celebrity, it often feels as though you have no privacy at all. You spend a lot of your time dodging paparazzi, meaning that you can’t do things the same way as normal people. You also can’t have a normal online presence, as there are plenty of people out there that would happily spread your private information, which could be dangerous to your own safety.

As a celebrity, you also become the focus of a lot of news articles, depending on your popularity. If you have quite a large following, then your fans will want to read any update that may pop up about your life. Newspapers and online blogs are very aware of this and for that reason, they will often try and publish whatever story they can about you.

For the most part, these stories are often quite mundane and boring. However, newspapers and blogs cannot survive on mundane stories and have been known to fabricate controversy from time to time. Most of this controversy can be easily ignored, but sometimes stories can be released that can be damaging to the career of the celebrity.

If you are someone that owns a blog or other form of celebrity news press release, then you may be at risk of potentially sharing false information about celebrities that may be detrimental to their career. Due to the fact that this risk is very common, we would recommend that you get some sort of protection for your company in case you accidentally spread misinformation. If you are located in Canada, we recommend that you get in touch with one of Ontario’s providers for E&O insurance, as celebrities are not afraid to take out lawsuits against anyone that compromises their careers.

There have been many instances of celebrities not standing for the spread of misinformation, which led to them suing the companies that were responsible for this misinformation. Here is a look into some of the most famous celebrities that fought libel.

Katie Holmes

You may recognize Katie Holmes as the ex-wife of Tom Cruise and ex-member of the ‘cult’ of Scientology. Something that you may not know about Katie is that she had an ongoing legal battle with The Star newspaper.

The Star newspaper published an article, accompanied by a few pictures of Katie looking a little worn out. The article claimed that Katie was fighting a drug addiction, which was not the case at all. Because of the rumors of Katie’s drug addiction, she lost the opportunity to work on some acting projects and was constantly bombarded by the paparazzi.

Katie finally had enough and was sick of the damage that had been caused by the false article. She sued the newspaper for 50 million dollars, claiming that what they had published had damaged her career and prevented her from making money from acting. Katie won the case and The Star was deeply apologetic, however, the damage had already been done and they were required to give Katie monthly payments for what they had published.

Russel Brand

You may know Russel for his flamboyant personality and strong views on all political matters. If you are familiar with The Sun newspaper in England, then you will know that it is famous for publishing articles that are often untrue.

In 2013, Russel Brand was pictured hanging out with a female friend in London. The Sun managed to get a picture of this meetup and decided to publish it in their paper. However, they did not just publish that Russel was meeting up with an old friend, they instead claimed he was cheating on his girlfriend at the time.

This was of course not the case and The Sun had no reason to publish that article at all. Of course, this article was extremely damaging to Russel’s relationship and not long after, the couple unfortunately split. Russel then decided to sue The Sun for emotional damages and to teach them that they can not just publish lies for the sake of gaining sales for the paper.

The Sun apologized to Russel and offered to pay his legal fees for the incident. They also settled the case with an undisclosed amount, but many believe that Russel got up to five digits for the damages that the paper caused.

Keira Knightley

You probably know Keira for her allusive acting career that has spanned over twenty years. Keira is very outspoken about her beliefs and is not afraid to call out companies that give celebrities unfair treatment.

The Daily Mail newspaper published a story about anorexia and how it has affected a lot of celebrities. Within this article, they used a picture of Keira. Keira has always been naturally very skinny and has been accused of having an eating disorder by various media outlets many times.

Seeing her picture used in an article about a condition she didn’t have was the final straw for Keria and she was sick of the press trying to push a narrative that simply was not true. The paper also did not ask for permission to use her picture, which only made the situation worse.

Keira sued the newspaper and received three thousand in damages, plus the costs of her legal fees covered. Keira donated the money that was won from this case to an eating disorder charity called Beat, which was the best thing she could have done.

How Your Favorite TV Stars Deal With Their Hectic Filming Schedules
How Your Favorite TV Stars Deal With Their Hectic Filming Schedules

When watching a TV show it is easy to forget just how much work goes into making the program. The finished product is often so polished and seamless you wouldn’t think it was put together with a lot of hard work, busy schedules, and back-breaking commitment.

And few people on set have it busier than the TV stars. Your favorite actors put in a lot of time to create the amazing performances you watch. And filming schedules are often very hectic. Long hours starting in the early AM. Entire weeks spent on set with very few hours of free time. Lots of long waiting to be called while sat in costume and makeup. It is a very draining experience.

So how do these actors deal with this? Today we are going to share the industry secrets your fave stars use to keep their calm during their busy filming schedules.


Yoga is one of the most useful tools for battling stress and clearing the mind. And celebrities are often the biggest advocates for regular yoga sessions. The benefits of yoga are two-fold for actors. Firstly, it reduces anxiety and stress allowing them to work long, complex schedules with ease. But it also increased flexibility and overall fitness. Which is very important for such a physically demanding job as an actor.


CBD is the hottest new trend that has taken the world by storm. A cousin of THC, CBD is an excellent tool for battling stress. Of course, an actor can’t smoke a THC joint on set. But CBD comes in many shapes and forms and has no mental effects. Meaning you can function normally while on it.

Recently CBDA has also become increasingly popular. Known as the precursor to CBD, it is a more potent form. And the benefits of CBDA oil include reduced anxiety, combatting depression, and an uplifted mood. So it’s no surprise CBD and CBDA have become so popular with TV actors. A lot of them make use of CBD and CBDA vape pens to consume it in oil form as it is discreet, odorless, and compact.

On Set Therapists

You might not know this but a lot of modern TV and movie sets often have specialized therapists working on set for any of the staff to make use of. The entertainment industry is a taxing one, particularly for the actors. They can sometimes be away from their friends and family for weeks or even months. So the studios will provide them, someone, to go talk to while working. This lets them talk through the things worrying them and lets them deal with their stress and issues in a healthy environment.

Working Out

Much like Yoga, the benefits of working out are numerous. And celebrities often have the advantage that they can afford personal gyms and personal trainers as well. But a lot of movie studios and TV studios will have a gym on the premises for the actors to make use of during filming.

It has been proven that working out regularly reduces stress and creates endorphins in the mind, which in turn boosts your mood. So it is no big secret that a lot of actors will hit the gym to help deal with their difficult shooting schedules. Plus they want to keep their body image up for the paparazzi.

Using Social Media

Social media has changed the way fans engage with their favorite TV stars. And likewise, it has changed the way these stars interact with their fans. Things like Instagram Live allow these stars to chat to their fans and update them on what is going on in their life.

Some stars use social media to help deal with the stress of long shooting sessions. When they have to spend hours in their trailer waiting for their call time. They will engage with their fans, chat with them and laugh with them. Giving them little bits of behind-the-scenes info. Plus this reminds the actors why they are doing this. Seeing all the fans sending positive affirmations is great for their mood.

Why ESports Might be in the Next Olympic Games
Why ESports Might be in the Next Olympic Games

Esports is a growing trend within the world of competitive gaming, so much so that it may be on its way to becoming a professional Olympic sport much sooner than you would think. Esports is basically when video games are played on a competitive level with teams battling each other across a variety of different games and genres. Some games involving VR and sports simulation are more active with players actually required to move, and others are much more simple in terms of being an actual video game that is played sitting down with a controller.

The argument around whether or not video games and Esports should be considered actual sports has sparked a significant amount of debate from influential figures in the professional sporting world. Some argue that it has a place within the Olympic games as the technological influence around the world is also growing to make it relevant to the modern-day, but others say that physical sports are completely different and that Esports should get their own event that is kept separate from the traditional nature of the games.

This article will look at reasons why Esports should be considered on the same level as other Olympic sports and whether or not it would be more suitable to keep these very different activities separated from each other.


One way that Esports and the Olympic games could be considered to be similar would be the training and the intensity of said training which is required for both. Although it depends upon the game with how active you will need to be the level of practice and testing of new techniques that you will have to do to be successful is on par with that of the Olympic level. Professional Esports players have to ensure that they are putting the work into their training so that they can come out on top and get the win.

If you are a beginner to the gaming world but think that a career or hobby in Esports is something that you would enjoy then you should start looking at some of the games that are played and start practicing immediately. With time and skill, you should be able to hone your playing level to that of a professional in no time. One way to boost this process would be to use some of the many hacks that are available, sometimes it is just enough to see how you get past certain levels for you to pick it up. You can find apex legends hacks and other goodies to give you a better idea of game progression and help you come up with new game strategies to knock out your opponents.

High Stakes

As Esports grows in popularity the stakes of the competitions that are held have also increased, with prizes and audiences only getting larger more and more people are trying their luck and entering these professional competitions. Although the activities are very different the stakes within the Olympic games are also very high, with the pressure of the situation being very similar this could be another argument in favor of adding Esport events to the Olympics.

Preparation Similarities

A final way that I would consider Esports and the Olympics on the same level is the physical and mental strength it takes to compete, the training and preparation process alone for each activity is very intense. This intensity and how seriously the competitors take their competitive roles within their preparation is another reason why each of the games could come together under a single event, as the world of Esports grows we could see this happening much sooner than you would think.

The Most Popular Social Trends Currently Sweeping the United States

The United States is home to a wide range of trends that become popular amongst the region, these trends often go through changes with social media and other factors playing a huge influence. The time of the year will also affect these trends as some trends are just not suitable for the time of year, with different weather conditions coming into play. These trends range in theme and industry but it seems that once something becomes popular amongst a small group, it is not long until the rest of the region is joining in.

  • Tik Tok

The first trend on this list would have to be one of the highest grossing social media platforms to enter the market, Tik tok consists of posting short videos that have been edited using stickers, filters and other effects to make the final entertaining clips that we all know and love. Tik tok is used in many ways not just by the regular user to make funny videos, but also as a marketing platform that can be used by businesses to attract new customers to buy with their company as well as spreading the word about the products and services they have on offer.

As is the case with most social media platforms Tik tok is not just a platform for entertainment, but it is also a tool to help businesses around the world grow and prosper without costing a fortune or requiring significant man-hours and labour. This is just one of the reasons why Tik tok has become so popular not just in the US but worldwide.

  • VR

If you are interested in gaming then you may want to know what is currently trending within the industry. Although it is a pretty recent development with the first mainstream model being released within the last few years, virtual reality provides a unique and immersive gameplay experience that cannot be matched with any other console. VR provides a life-like sensation while you are gaming with gameplay being reliant on your movements with the censored wands and instead of the picture output coming through your TV screen it is directed through a custom VR headset to provide a truly realistic gaming experience.

VR is a sign towards what the future will look like in the world of gaming, with this being the first step in providing the most realistic experience within your high energy and intense gaming missions. For those of you that would want to try VR technology but don’t want to make the investment yourself I would recommend looking for a VR gaming center, since the technology has become much more available , these business offer rentals where you can

Go and experience VR for a small fee.

  • CBD

Another big trend in the US right now would have to be the increased use of CBD and CBD infused products to help solve common issues like lack of sleep, pain, and anxiety in many households. CBD is a pretty new product to become trending but with a variety of uses that would benefit a lot of different people it is no surprise that it has worked its way up to this position of being a commonly used natural treatment in the home. CBD has a lot of stigma attached to it as it comes from the marijuanna plant, however it is not a drug that will affect you in the same way. CBD doesn’t give you the feeling of being “high” and it instead dulls the senses that make you feel pain, or it will help ease the feeling of anxiety and extreme stress to help any episodes subside.

CBD is very versatile and comes in a variety of forms and dosages to allow you to have complete control over how much you take and the intensity of the effects, CBD is completely safe for regular use as it works to relax your whole body, improving your quality of sleep and reducing the intensity of any pain you may be experiencing. As people become more aware about CBD many are left wondering what the differences between CBN and CBD are. CBN is basically another element of the cannabis plant which will have a relaxing effect on your body but won’t get you high in the same way as the purer THC.

  • Sushi

In the food world we see many different trends in terms of what is considered “fashionable” to eat at the time, sushi is just one of the trends that is going on right now with people enjoying the sensation of flavours that comes with this traditional Japanese food. Sushi restaurants are popping up more and more all over the region and with them consistently having colourful and trendy decor, and a lively atmosphere it is no surprise that they are doing so well right now.

  • Social Media

Social media plays a huge part in the trends that occur in the US with many of the items on this list becoming so high ranking due to them blowing up on social media, social media itself is a huge social trend and has been for many years. It seems that at least one social media platform is issued by most people in the US and their uses for the platform differ greatly, some people even go as far as using social media as a marketing tool within their business, which is why we have seen such a boost in platforms like Tik tok which we look at previously.

  • Health and Fitness

After the last year which has affected so many of us in terms of how much health and fitness activities we were able to do, it has become much more on trade to get back to the gym and do some exercise. With social media also playing a big part in this with people sharing their gym snaps, it should be considered a good thing that people are starting to look after themselves more non matter their motivations.

Has America Become Too Reliant on Prescription Meds?
Has America Become Too Reliant on Prescription Meds?

The twilight of modern medicine has arguably been one of mankind’s most important and influential developments and a species. Being able to synthesis drugs to cure diseases that would of swept through the world like a wildfire killing thousands in the process has meant that humanity could grow, thrive and prosper. But gold coin is double sided, is there maybe a disadvantage to having prescription drugs so readily available.

Why are we so reliant on prescription drugs?

In the average persons day to day life drugs have become more and more of an integral part of how we go about doing things. Prescription drugs especially have become an integral part of people’s daily routine, but why?

As the pharmaceutical business became larger and larger more and more prescription drugs were being made readily available that dealt with a larger variety of daily problems. Nowadays it’s not just standard painkillers that people are taking, there are drugs that reduce the chances of stroke, reduce cholesterol levels that can cause heart issues, help people sleep more sleep and better quality of sleep and so many more.

As great as it is, for people to have access to these life changing drugs, there is an argument to be made that we have become just too reliant on them. The main cause of this is because drugs by nature act as a quick fix to solve a problem you are having at the moment.

Usually, it’s to numb pain whilst your body heals, calm you down as your brain works through a panic attack, helps you get the sleep you need if you’re struggling. They provide in the moment fixes that may help you get through the tough patch you are in now; it doesn’t solve the problem completely.

What affects does it have on us?

A good way to sum up the affect that prescription drugs have on us is by thinking of it as a car. If you need to get somewhere fast, it’s going to be faster doing so in a car, right? But the car doesn’t move by itself, you still have to drive it.

The car is an aid in getting you where you need to go but without your intervention you wouldn’t get anywhere and it’s the same with prescription drugs. They will help you get better but if you don’t make the effort to get better as well then, they aren’t going to solve the problem, they will just prolong it from being an issue. And it’s that prolonging where things start to become a problem for us.

The fact that we can take a drug that will make sure we don’t have backpain at work or to make sure we can calm down after a stressful day is great but it often doesn’t solve the route of the problem. And if it doesn’t solve the route of the problem then those symptoms can just come back again and again to the point where we become addicted.

They briefly solve the little problems in our day-to-day life without us having to change anything about the way we live. It’s a dangerous cycle which can reinforce bad habits and prolong our issues.

What can I do to get better?

Now this isn’t the be all and end all, obviously everyone is different and there are some people with more addictive personalities than others who are more likely to fall into this trap, but no one is immune to it so let’s run through some ways you can avoid it in the future.

Maybe trying some alternatives to prescription drugs could help for you? Less traditional medication options such as medical marijuana is becoming a lot more prominent in areas of the states.

For example, in Michigan it is legal for you to grow your own strains of marijuana for your own medical use. You can even buy seeds from places like this seed bank in Jackson, MI to make sure that you are growing a strain that is tailored to exactly what you need.

Other forms of alternative medicine have also available and have been proven effective like how eating kiwis before bed every day increases the amount of serotonin in your brain thus leading to a decrease in mental health issues, or how drinking chamomile tea can help to reduce symptoms of insomnia.

The real big one however is more down to how you live your daily life. Although these alternative forms of medicine help, they have to be part of a larger lifestyle change.

If you struggle with headaches and fatigued the issue could come from something simple as dehydration, so yea take something to soothe the pain and then maybe set a timer on your phone so that every two hours you have a glass of water. Another example could be if you’re feeling depressed and of low mood, then yes take your medication but try and maybe shake up your schedule a little bit. Try and do something to break out of that depressive cycle.

Overall, I’m not trying to say that you should swear off medication, there is a reason it is such a prevalent part of how the world works. If you are given a prescription from a doctor, they’re a professional so make sure to follow their instruction. But just be aware that drugs don’t solve the problem, they just push the boulder up the hill a little bit and if you don’t work hard to keep the boulder up that hill it will just roll back down and you’ll have to start again.

Is Now The Right Time to Sell Your Home?
Is Now The Right Time to Sell Your Home?

The housing market is arguably one of the most unstable markets out there. There has never been a time that you know for sure that it is the right time to sell your house. There have been many instances of people starting the home selling process, only to see a crash in the housing market before they even got the chance to communicate with potential buyers.

The housing market has been at a bit of a standstill for the last couple of years. No matter how hard people have been trying to sell their home, it feels near impossible to find a buyer that is willing to buy your home at a reasonable price.

This has especially been the case in the south, as many businesses have unfortunately been forced to close due to the impact that the pandemic has had. However, the world has started to piece itself together in recent months and many of the markets that crashed due to the pandemic, are once again on the rise.

Many people have taken the rise of other markets as a sign that now is the best time to finally try and sell their homes. But are the rumours true, is now the right time to sell your home?

It May Be Worth Waiting Until The Start of Next Year

When it comes to home selling tradition, it is usually the best move to wait until the start of the year to sell your home. Now, there is a logic behind why you should do this. Towards the end of the year, people have events like Christmas to focus on, which means that they usually don’t want to spend a lot of money. People also tend to want to avoid uprooting their life towards Christmas, as there is a rush to be settled down by Christmas that nobody wants to deal with.

People tend to wait until the new year has started before buying a home, as the new year tends to symbolise a brand new start and a fresh beginning. If you are looking to sell your home, the start of the year is usually the best time to do so, as this is when people will be willing to spend a little bit more.

Something that you should be aware of is that the start of the year can be a very competitive time to sell your home, as many people are looking to sell their home at this time of the year. You have to be tactical about how you advertise your home, as you will be trying to stand out within a very congested market.

People are starting to gain economic security

The main reason that the housing market was struggling so much in the last year was due to a lack of economic security throughout America. The pandemic took hold of the country at an alarming rate and without much government support, many business owners were forced to close down their businesses.

People closed their businesses for a number of reasons. First of all, it was for their own safety, as operating a business means interacting with a lot of people. Secondly, people simply did not have the disposable income to support many businesses, as there was an increase in unemployment.

Now that the number of affected people has started to lower, more and more businesses are starting to open up again. This means that people are once again in a position where they can make money and support other existing businesses.

With so many people in a position where they can make money once again, they are also in a position where they can finally buy a new home. The pandemic produced a lot of people that had just finished their education and were unable to get a job, which meant that they were forced to live at home with their family and couldn’t progress onto the property ladder.

Now that there are available job opportunities for people that have graduated, they can now make the step to purchase a home, which means that there is a whole new type of person that you can now sell your home to.

People are migrating south

Right now, selling your house fast in Georgia is easy and this is the same for any southern state or city. This is because a lot of people are now choosing to migrate south after a very difficult year.

A lot of the northern cities are extremely overpopulated, which is only making people feel uncomfortable and unstable. Real estate is also much more affordable in the south, which means that people are finding it easier to purchase homes in the south as the homes fit into their budgets.

Due to the vast difference when it comes to housing prices in the north and the south, many southern sellers are managing to sell their homes for prices much greater than what they would expect to sell them for. This is because northern buyers expect a much higher selling price and so are willing to put in an offer that will guarantee that they get the house.

This means that if you live in the south, then you can afford to sell your home for a price that will make you a good profit, as it is likely that people will be open to buying it at the requested price.