When you are a celebrity, it often feels as though you have no privacy at all. You spend a lot of your time dodging paparazzi, meaning that you can’t do things the same way as normal people. You also can’t have a normal online presence, as there are plenty of people out there that would happily spread your private information, which could be dangerous to your own safety.

As a celebrity, you also become the focus of a lot of news articles, depending on your popularity. If you have quite a large following, then your fans will want to read any update that may pop up about your life. Newspapers and online blogs are very aware of this and for that reason, they will often try and publish whatever story they can about you.

For the most part, these stories are often quite mundane and boring. However, newspapers and blogs cannot survive on mundane stories and have been known to fabricate controversy from time to time. Most of this controversy can be easily ignored, but sometimes stories can be released that can be damaging to the career of the celebrity.

If you are someone that owns a blog or other form of celebrity news press release, then you may be at risk of potentially sharing false information about celebrities that may be detrimental to their career. Due to the fact that this risk is very common, we would recommend that you get some sort of protection for your company in case you accidentally spread misinformation. If you are located in Canada, we recommend that you get in touch with one of Ontario’s providers for E&O insurance, as celebrities are not afraid to take out lawsuits against anyone that compromises their careers.

There have been many instances of celebrities not standing for the spread of misinformation, which led to them suing the companies that were responsible for this misinformation. Here is a look into some of the most famous celebrities that fought libel.

Katie Holmes

You may recognize Katie Holmes as the ex-wife of Tom Cruise and ex-member of the ‘cult’ of Scientology. Something that you may not know about Katie is that she had an ongoing legal battle with The Star newspaper.

The Star newspaper published an article, accompanied by a few pictures of Katie looking a little worn out. The article claimed that Katie was fighting a drug addiction, which was not the case at all. Because of the rumors of Katie’s drug addiction, she lost the opportunity to work on some acting projects and was constantly bombarded by the paparazzi.

Katie finally had enough and was sick of the damage that had been caused by the false article. She sued the newspaper for 50 million dollars, claiming that what they had published had damaged her career and prevented her from making money from acting. Katie won the case and The Star was deeply apologetic, however, the damage had already been done and they were required to give Katie monthly payments for what they had published.

Russel Brand

You may know Russel for his flamboyant personality and strong views on all political matters. If you are familiar with The Sun newspaper in England, then you will know that it is famous for publishing articles that are often untrue.

In 2013, Russel Brand was pictured hanging out with a female friend in London. The Sun managed to get a picture of this meetup and decided to publish it in their paper. However, they did not just publish that Russel was meeting up with an old friend, they instead claimed he was cheating on his girlfriend at the time.

This was of course not the case and The Sun had no reason to publish that article at all. Of course, this article was extremely damaging to Russel’s relationship and not long after, the couple unfortunately split. Russel then decided to sue The Sun for emotional damages and to teach them that they can not just publish lies for the sake of gaining sales for the paper.

The Sun apologized to Russel and offered to pay his legal fees for the incident. They also settled the case with an undisclosed amount, but many believe that Russel got up to five digits for the damages that the paper caused.

Keira Knightley

You probably know Keira for her allusive acting career that has spanned over twenty years. Keira is very outspoken about her beliefs and is not afraid to call out companies that give celebrities unfair treatment.

The Daily Mail newspaper published a story about anorexia and how it has affected a lot of celebrities. Within this article, they used a picture of Keira. Keira has always been naturally very skinny and has been accused of having an eating disorder by various media outlets many times.

Seeing her picture used in an article about a condition she didn’t have was the final straw for Keria and she was sick of the press trying to push a narrative that simply was not true. The paper also did not ask for permission to use her picture, which only made the situation worse.

Keira sued the newspaper and received three thousand in damages, plus the costs of her legal fees covered. Keira donated the money that was won from this case to an eating disorder charity called Beat, which was the best thing she could have done.

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