Does The Request Independence Diplomacy Option Work In Stellaris?

People are aware that insulting a Fallen Empire will result in their declaration of war. In contrast, if you are a vassal, you are not directly threatened. In place of declaring war on your Overlord, the Fallen Empire must do so.

What Does Guaranteeing Independence Do Stellaris?

Independence is essentially a one-way defensive pact. It simply means that if the empire that is guaranteed is attacked, the empire that guarantees them will be dragged into it.

How Can We Stop Supporting Independence Stellaris?

It is important to note that if you “support independence” on a dominion of an Awakened Empire, and then eliminate that AE (freeing the subject), you cannot stop doing so. Thus, you cannot declare war on that former subject either.

Are Protectorates Worth It Stellaris?

As protectorates generate some influence for you, it’s not pointless to have them, and the Domination tradition tree completion bonus gives you 30% faster research speed to techs of your choice. It can be a really good thing to have a protectorate/vassal/tributary in some cases.

How To Vassalize An Empire Stellaris?

Click on the “Communicate” button under the “Empires” tab to select the Empire you wish to Vassalize. You can choose between green and red ticks next to the “Demand Vassalization” button. You’re good to go – just hit the button and they’ll recognize your Vassal.

What Happens When You Integrate Subject Stellaris?

During the integration process, only one subject can be integrated at a time. Once the integration is complete, all planets and ships of the subject are transferred to the overlord, and the ships and starbases retain their graphics. A new science ship is required for each leader, resource, and army removed.

How Vassals Work Stellaris?

Vassals: How Do They ssals Work? In contrast to tributaries, vassals do not offer any tribute to their owners. In addition, subject empires are not able to expand, which is good news if you are worried about them gaining a foothold in your territory. As part of your war efforts, Vassals will also be on your side.

How Long Do Truces Last Stellaris?



Release Subject

Used to avoid risking wars of independence if the relative power of subjects becomes too great. Sets a 10-year truce


Integrate Subject

Integrates a Vassal or Protectorate into the overlord empire.


Is It Better To Vassalize Or Make Tributary Stellaris?

As a result of this, many players prefer to rely on vassal integration rather than outright conquest when it comes to their earliest expansions. In this way, vassals are the most beneficial aspect of their empire.

Can Protectorates Expand Stellaris?

It is important to keep in mind that protectorates will rarely grow and expand, so their resources will be very limited compared to yours. Even with the default bonus to tech, and with the additional bonus of a one-sided research agreement from you (which will reduce their tech costs even

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