The twilight of modern medicine has arguably been one of mankind’s most important and influential developments and a species. Being able to synthesis drugs to cure diseases that would of swept through the world like a wildfire killing thousands in the process has meant that humanity could grow, thrive and prosper. But gold coin is double sided, is there maybe a disadvantage to having prescription drugs so readily available.

Why are we so reliant on prescription drugs?

In the average persons day to day life drugs have become more and more of an integral part of how we go about doing things. Prescription drugs especially have become an integral part of people’s daily routine, but why?

As the pharmaceutical business became larger and larger more and more prescription drugs were being made readily available that dealt with a larger variety of daily problems. Nowadays it’s not just standard painkillers that people are taking, there are drugs that reduce the chances of stroke, reduce cholesterol levels that can cause heart issues, help people sleep more sleep and better quality of sleep and so many more.

As great as it is, for people to have access to these life changing drugs, there is an argument to be made that we have become just too reliant on them. The main cause of this is because drugs by nature act as a quick fix to solve a problem you are having at the moment.

Usually, it’s to numb pain whilst your body heals, calm you down as your brain works through a panic attack, helps you get the sleep you need if you’re struggling. They provide in the moment fixes that may help you get through the tough patch you are in now; it doesn’t solve the problem completely.

What affects does it have on us?

A good way to sum up the affect that prescription drugs have on us is by thinking of it as a car. If you need to get somewhere fast, it’s going to be faster doing so in a car, right? But the car doesn’t move by itself, you still have to drive it.

The car is an aid in getting you where you need to go but without your intervention you wouldn’t get anywhere and it’s the same with prescription drugs. They will help you get better but if you don’t make the effort to get better as well then, they aren’t going to solve the problem, they will just prolong it from being an issue. And it’s that prolonging where things start to become a problem for us.

The fact that we can take a drug that will make sure we don’t have backpain at work or to make sure we can calm down after a stressful day is great but it often doesn’t solve the route of the problem. And if it doesn’t solve the route of the problem then those symptoms can just come back again and again to the point where we become addicted.

They briefly solve the little problems in our day-to-day life without us having to change anything about the way we live. It’s a dangerous cycle which can reinforce bad habits and prolong our issues.

What can I do to get better?

Now this isn’t the be all and end all, obviously everyone is different and there are some people with more addictive personalities than others who are more likely to fall into this trap, but no one is immune to it so let’s run through some ways you can avoid it in the future.

Maybe trying some alternatives to prescription drugs could help for you? Less traditional medication options such as medical marijuana is becoming a lot more prominent in areas of the states.

For example, in Michigan it is legal for you to grow your own strains of marijuana for your own medical use. You can even buy seeds from places like this seed bank in Jackson, MI to make sure that you are growing a strain that is tailored to exactly what you need.

Other forms of alternative medicine have also available and have been proven effective like how eating kiwis before bed every day increases the amount of serotonin in your brain thus leading to a decrease in mental health issues, or how drinking chamomile tea can help to reduce symptoms of insomnia.

The real big one however is more down to how you live your daily life. Although these alternative forms of medicine help, they have to be part of a larger lifestyle change.

If you struggle with headaches and fatigued the issue could come from something simple as dehydration, so yea take something to soothe the pain and then maybe set a timer on your phone so that every two hours you have a glass of water. Another example could be if you’re feeling depressed and of low mood, then yes take your medication but try and maybe shake up your schedule a little bit. Try and do something to break out of that depressive cycle.

Overall, I’m not trying to say that you should swear off medication, there is a reason it is such a prevalent part of how the world works. If you are given a prescription from a doctor, they’re a professional so make sure to follow their instruction. But just be aware that drugs don’t solve the problem, they just push the boulder up the hill a little bit and if you don’t work hard to keep the boulder up that hill it will just roll back down and you’ll have to start again.


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