How Many Languages Does Michelle Obama Speak Fluently?

During his 2008 presidential campaign, Barack Obama stated, “I do not speak a foreign language.”.

How Many Languages Can Obama Speak?

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How Many Languages Did George Washington Speak?

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Did George Washington Speak French?

There was no other language spoken by George Washington. I suspect that he simply spoke English as a result of his very little formal education and humble beginnings. The first American diplomat and renowned genius, Benjamin Franklin, spoke French, English, and Italian. John Adams, our second President, spoke English, French, and Latin.

How Many Languages Does A President Speak?

There were 44 presidents who spoke 78 languages fluently. In total, there are 1 things. Each president speaks 77 languages. Mandarin was spoken only by one president. Herbert Hoover)

How Many Languages Can Michelle Obama Speak?

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How Many Languages Did President Kennedy Speak?

John F. Kennedy was born in the United States. Languages / Kennedy s

Which Us President Spoke The Most Languages?

The first 46 U.S. presidents spoke more languages than John Quincy Adams, and 20 of them did so in multiple languages. There were at least two languages spoken by presidents.

Who Was The Most Multilingual President?

It is known that FDR, as many called him, was the last multilingual President elected by the American people. While growing up, he studied German and French while living in Europe for long periods of time. His distinct New England accent was recognized by Native French and German speakers when he spoke.

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