When watching a TV show it is easy to forget just how much work goes into making the program. The finished product is often so polished and seamless you wouldn’t think it was put together with a lot of hard work, busy schedules, and back-breaking commitment.

And few people on set have it busier than the TV stars. Your favorite actors put in a lot of time to create the amazing performances you watch. And filming schedules are often very hectic. Long hours starting in the early AM. Entire weeks spent on set with very few hours of free time. Lots of long waiting to be called while sat in costume and makeup. It is a very draining experience.

So how do these actors deal with this? Today we are going to share the industry secrets your fave stars use to keep their calm during their busy filming schedules.


Yoga is one of the most useful tools for battling stress and clearing the mind. And celebrities are often the biggest advocates for regular yoga sessions. The benefits of yoga are two-fold for actors. Firstly, it reduces anxiety and stress allowing them to work long, complex schedules with ease. But it also increased flexibility and overall fitness. Which is very important for such a physically demanding job as an actor.


CBD is the hottest new trend that has taken the world by storm. A cousin of THC, CBD is an excellent tool for battling stress. Of course, an actor can’t smoke a THC joint on set. But CBD comes in many shapes and forms and has no mental effects. Meaning you can function normally while on it.

Recently CBDA has also become increasingly popular. Known as the precursor to CBD, it is a more potent form. And the benefits of CBDA oil include reduced anxiety, combatting depression, and an uplifted mood. So it’s no surprise CBD and CBDA have become so popular with TV actors. A lot of them make use of CBD and CBDA vape pens to consume it in oil form as it is discreet, odorless, and compact.

On Set Therapists

You might not know this but a lot of modern TV and movie sets often have specialized therapists working on set for any of the staff to make use of. The entertainment industry is a taxing one, particularly for the actors. They can sometimes be away from their friends and family for weeks or even months. So the studios will provide them, someone, to go talk to while working. This lets them talk through the things worrying them and lets them deal with their stress and issues in a healthy environment.

Working Out

Much like Yoga, the benefits of working out are numerous. And celebrities often have the advantage that they can afford personal gyms and personal trainers as well. But a lot of movie studios and TV studios will have a gym on the premises for the actors to make use of during filming.

It has been proven that working out regularly reduces stress and creates endorphins in the mind, which in turn boosts your mood. So it is no big secret that a lot of actors will hit the gym to help deal with their difficult shooting schedules. Plus they want to keep their body image up for the paparazzi.

Using Social Media

Social media has changed the way fans engage with their favorite TV stars. And likewise, it has changed the way these stars interact with their fans. Things like Instagram Live allow these stars to chat to their fans and update them on what is going on in their life.

Some stars use social media to help deal with the stress of long shooting sessions. When they have to spend hours in their trailer waiting for their call time. They will engage with their fans, chat with them and laugh with them. Giving them little bits of behind-the-scenes info. Plus this reminds the actors why they are doing this. Seeing all the fans sending positive affirmations is great for their mood.

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