For her child Hayes Andrew’s maiden birthday, Maren Morris has started preparing.

The delightful concept she and Ryan Hurd, her husband, chose for their kid’s intimate celebration was discovered by Jeremy Parsons’ correspondent PEOPLE (the TV show!), the advance of the Grammy Awards – in which she was ready for the finest country song “The Bones” as well as appeared alongside John Mayer.”

“We will obviously have a relatives party, we cannot do that whole thing,” Morris, who was 30 years old, says that Hayes is hosting a bash during the current COVID-19 situation. “We will have the theme, nonetheless.”

It’s a book which I read with him since he’s a baby,” she added. I believe we all wanted to be Peter Rabbit.

One of the recent milestones of Hayes is that he is now “crawling,” — and his mommy is just ok.

“He’s close, but I don’t hurry, so I’ll chase him even more, either,” she jokes. “He’s just going on so near.

And now, her toddler boy will be out with his mother in Los Angeles as her “Grammy Week Festival co-pilot.” Morris adds, “To me, like a new mother, that is so cool at the beginning. He is flawless.” Hurd and Morris, 34, recently joined the duet song “Chasing after You” in their home basement for Hurd’s latest album.

“We have been recording this music over the decades, never releasing it; we felt as if it was a moment,” Hurd recently informed the media. “It was cool when I initially had a collaborative connection with Maren, then anything else.”

He also talked, shared regarding their child, “He’s only fun before he falls asleep, so he’s a bit delirious, so we’re all enjoying his last sparkle of enthusiasm and he’s very smiley. That’s with him my happiest period of day.”

The proud father added, “He’s nearly standing.” “He never likes sitting still now, so as he rages and keeps his hands out of the light and so on, we are still following him around. But yes, he is just a good little boy, and every step during his development was impressive. But for this moment, I will always cherish it.”

The flawless harmony between Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd is a must watch.

They are the country music couple, and last March welcomed their child, Hayes Andrew — who recently brought the duet song “Chasing After You,” which they filmed in the basement of Hurd’s latest album.

“We made a couple of recordings of this song over years and never gave it out; it seemed like a moment had arrived,” says Hurd. “It has been cool since first, and it turned into something else. I had an artistic connection with Maren. Musically, it is very unique to be linked like this now.”

In fact, throughout the songwriting session near Nashville, Morris and Hurd first interacted in 2013. They became friends instantly and several years later started to date until getting hitched in 2018.

The duo has persisted over years to collaborate, co-write songs, and to provide backing vocals for each other. Although “Chasing After You” reviews Morris and Hurd in another box.

“To tell ‘feature’ is strange because it is so very much like a song from Maren and Ryan, and the first time we have had a duet official,’ Hurd says. “It is strange. “We are doing a lot of music together right now and I love that very much. I adore it, but it looks like I’m working with Maren. So we always do something really unique.”

And that applies to their personal as well as to their professional lives. Baby Hayes was embraced when Coronavirus emergencies hit the USA by Morris and Hurd. Both musicians had been on stage last year, so instead, they had to spend some quality time with their new family.

“Music is no longer the biggest thing. Our home and our child is clearly the most valuable thing — and sometimes singing is only our job “Hurd says he wrote Blake Shelton hit songs, Lady A & several others. “Third, but this doesn’t mean that does not matter, this just means other things are always first.”

In a stressful moment, Hurd says Hayes offered some insight and levity.

“It was very nice to have the child thrown into the mix simply so this guy doesn’t know or care about things I do.  He knows in our cellar there is a piano he loves to kick on because it’s sounding.”  “It was just a fantastic year that I could be home. I will be with him every second since I know it won’t always be doing that.”

This implies for now that Hurd works staying at home, composing songs on zoom, watching Hayes enter a new stage.

“He’s entertaining before he gets to bed, and we always appreciate his last bubble of power in which he’s just a little bit delirious and he is smiley. This is with him my happiest hour of each day, “says Hurd. “He almost stands. He never likes sitting still, so as he takes and keeps his hand out of electrical sockets, we’re still chasing him. But yes, he is a really good little boy, and every stride of his development was impressive. But for this moment, I would always cherish.”

Nevertheless, Hurd concedes that, like many, he has suffered pandemic weariness.

“It was a difficult year, as well as I think you also at some point like, ‘Was I going to do that?’ At that time, it’s like, ‘We’re going to see that we’re still doing it.’ When I was like ‘I’m completed with all of this I got my Christmas break.’ “Hurd adds that his career as a country music artist has been questioned.

But Hurd had caught the second wind & now looks ahead to the upcoming future with the launch of the song “Chasing After You.” This will be a turning point in his life and will bring him a great future.

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