Was Michelle Obama Nominated For A Grammy?

The audiobook Becoming by Michelle Obama has won Best Spoken Word Album. Her audiobook Becoming, which chronicles her journey from a little girl growing up on Chicago’s South Side to becoming the first lady of the United States, has been nominated for a GRAMMY this year.

Who Is The Most Nominated Woman In Grammy?

As for Queen Bey, she has received nine GRAMMY Awards nominations, making her the most nominated female in GRAMMY history with 79 career nominations.

Has Michelle Obama Won Any Awards?

The former US First Lady Michelle Obama has won a Grammy award. During the Grammy preshow festivities in Los Angeles on Sunday, Obama was presented with the best spoken word album of the year award for her bestselling memoir ‘Becoming’.

What Woman Has Won The Most Grammys?

In addition, Alison Krauss is the female musician with the most Grammy Awards, with 27. Beyoncé is the female musician with 22 Grammy Awards.

Who Is The Most Grammy Nominated Female Artist?

In my quest to inspire and celebrate all of the beautiful Black kings and queens that inspire me, I wanted to uplift, encourage, and celebrate them. As a result of her nine Grammy nominations, Beyoncé has become the most nominated female artist in Grammy history with 79 nominations over the course of her career.

Who Is Nominated For The Most Grammys 2021?

A whopping 11 nominations have been earned by Jon Batiste for this year’s GRAMMY season. Additionally, he has been nominated in seven different fields: General Field, R&B, Jazz, American Roots Music, Music For Visual Media, Classical, and Music Video/Film.

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