Where To Buy Klingon Bridge Officers From Diplomacy?

A requisition officer, such as Elsa Mora at Earth Spacedock, V’Qlar in First City, or Teelis on the Romulan Flotilla, is the primary source of bridge officer candidates. Dilithium can be used to purchase new candidates, and once they are acquired, they can be commissioned.

How Do I Change Bridge Officers In Star Trek Online?

By pressing the “change uniform” tab, you can change the appearance of the officer as well as the clothing by simply changing the physical appearance. Any new BOff can be renamed and its appearance changed for free, but all future changes will cost the player EC at the tailors.

What Is A Bridge Officer?

In a starship, a bridge officer was a person who served as the bridge’s station or main officer. There were a number of bridge officers who were known collectively as the bridge staff. Riker was ordered to assemble the bridge staff for a mission briefing in fifteen minutes by Picard in 2366. TNG: “Tin Man”

Where Is The Specialization Training Manual In Sto?

Upon being granted the Command Officer specialization, Bridge Officer Training stores will be able to offer Training Manuals for Rank I and Rank II Command abilities.

How Do You Get Cardassian Bridge Officers?

You can indeed recruit NPC Cardassian bridge officers for your command crews if you go to the Bridge Officer recruiter NPC on Earth Spacedock (and similar to similar NPC recruiters elsewhere in the game). Dilithium is all you need to make this very small device.

Who Is The Bridge Officer On Star Trek?

There is a good chance that UHURA is the answer.

Where Do You Get Boffs In Sto?

Purchasing (vendors, exchanges) or setting levels (clicking the far left of the XP bar where it displays rank will bring up a roadmap of what unlocks when, at least on PC, the wiki has a full list of what unlocks).

Who Was The Bridge Officer On Star Trek?

The following are 1 solutions for “Star Trek” Bridge Officer. There is a good chance that UHURA is the answer.

How Do You Get A Bridge Officer Specialization?

A specialized training manual called a “Specialization Qualification” can be used to train bridge officers in a specialization. Upon completing a specialization, a player character can craft these manuals. Depending on the specialization, one may be active simultaneously with a Bridge Officer.

How Do You Get Specializations In Sto?

A primary specialization can be unlocked by investing 10 Specialization Points in it. As a result, they can craft through the Officer Training School of the Research and Development system.

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