Esports is a growing trend within the world of competitive gaming, so much so that it may be on its way to becoming a professional Olympic sport much sooner than you would think. Esports is basically when video games are played on a competitive level with teams battling each other across a variety of different games and genres. Some games involving VR and sports simulation are more active with players actually required to move, and others are much more simple in terms of being an actual video game that is played sitting down with a controller.

The argument around whether or not video games and Esports should be considered actual sports has sparked a significant amount of debate from influential figures in the professional sporting world. Some argue that it has a place within the Olympic games as the technological influence around the world is also growing to make it relevant to the modern-day, but others say that physical sports are completely different and that Esports should get their own event that is kept separate from the traditional nature of the games.

This article will look at reasons why Esports should be considered on the same level as other Olympic sports and whether or not it would be more suitable to keep these very different activities separated from each other.


One way that Esports and the Olympic games could be considered to be similar would be the training and the intensity of said training which is required for both. Although it depends upon the game with how active you will need to be the level of practice and testing of new techniques that you will have to do to be successful is on par with that of the Olympic level. Professional Esports players have to ensure that they are putting the work into their training so that they can come out on top and get the win.

If you are a beginner to the gaming world but think that a career or hobby in Esports is something that you would enjoy then you should start looking at some of the games that are played and start practicing immediately. With time and skill, you should be able to hone your playing level to that of a professional in no time. One way to boost this process would be to use some of the many hacks that are available, sometimes it is just enough to see how you get past certain levels for you to pick it up. You can find apex legends hacks and other goodies to give you a better idea of game progression and help you come up with new game strategies to knock out your opponents.

High Stakes

As Esports grows in popularity the stakes of the competitions that are held have also increased, with prizes and audiences only getting larger more and more people are trying their luck and entering these professional competitions. Although the activities are very different the stakes within the Olympic games are also very high, with the pressure of the situation being very similar this could be another argument in favor of adding Esport events to the Olympics.

Preparation Similarities

A final way that I would consider Esports and the Olympics on the same level is the physical and mental strength it takes to compete, the training and preparation process alone for each activity is very intense. This intensity and how seriously the competitors take their competitive roles within their preparation is another reason why each of the games could come together under a single event, as the world of Esports grows we could see this happening much sooner than you would think.

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