Why Is Michelle Obama Portrait Gray Scale?

Based in Baltimore, Maryland, Sherald explores the history and representation of African Americans through her art. Using a grayscale, she challenges the notion of color as a concept of race by painting skin tones.

Why Does Amy Sherald Paint In Grayscale?

“I wanted to create narratives that were hidden. The artist now lives and works in Baltimore, where she paints distinctive portraits set against bold, vibrant surroundings. Each subject is rendered in grayscale, which is directly visible to the viewer. She said that a Black person on a canvas is automatically considered radical.

Who Painted Michelle Obama’s Official Portrait?

Amy Sherald First Lady Michelle Obama / Artists

Is Amy Sherald Black?

Amy Sherald

Alma mater

Clark Atlanta University Maryland Institute College of Art

What Medium Does Amy Sherald Use?

Amy Sherald / Forms of Painting

What Is Amy Sherald Artwork About?

A contemporary African-American painter, Amy Sherald is known for her portraits that address issues of injustice in black culture through her art. She was born in 1973. Sherald paints skin tones in gray scale, which prevents identification based on their skin tone.

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